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We're here to help answer any questions or assist in picking the perfect item. CONTACT US NOW.

Bronze Footed Porcelain Lamp

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Brighten your room and your life with this stunning 19th-century Chinese lamp. The lamp sits on a bronze pedestal with carefully carved leaves and swirl designs. The container is made of beautiful bronze and porcelain. Although the artist is unknown, their skill is evident in the delicate and fine rendering of the stylized images in red and blue, and the Chinese egret bird standing in a marsh on the back of the container. Similarly, the forest green lamp shade features stunning purple flowers with bright green leaves that will illuminate when the light is turned on. This particular object appears to be hand-painted, adding to its unique value and beauty. Historically, fauna and flora depicted on Chinese porcelain is known to represent the three religions of China Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism which symbolize prosperity, longevity, and leadership. Chinese porcelain was invented during the Tang Dynasty (618907), and is known to have a long life some Chinese porcelain objects from the Tang period survive to this day! This one-of-a-kind object with a rich history and unique symbolism will surely be an opulent and attractive addition to your home.

At this time in China, the bloodiest civil war in world history, the Taiping Rebellion, was fought between 18501864. The conflict was a revolt against the ruling Qing dynasty by a cult-like group called the God Worshipping Society, led by self-proclaimed prophet Hong Xiuquan (18141864). Xiuquan’s forces sought to upend the predominant moral and social order of China, and succeeded in seizing the city of Nanjing for a decade. Ultimately, the Rebellion eventually failed, at the cost of 20 million lives.