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We're here to help answer any questions or assist in picking the perfect item. CONTACT US NOW.

Dutch Biedermeier Wardrobe

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71.5 x 45 x 14

This beautiful wardrobe is made of maple and cherry wood; its decorative key hole is made of brass. The piece’s natural brown hues lend it a warm complexion. Simple, yet elegant, this wardrobe comes from the Netherlands and its time of production is estimated to be around 1820. Stylistically, this piece of furniture aligns with the Biedermeier period (1815–1848) – an era during which emphasis was placed on using local materials, as well as clean lines and minimal ornamentation, to reflect the taste of the growing middle class in Central Europe. The two paneled doors feature attractive carvings that mirror each other. The two refined columns on either side of the furniture are in harmony with the rest of the wardrobe and simultaneously offer it a customized look. The interior bar makes this a functional piece. The wardrobe has been perfectly restored and is ready for daily use.

At this time in history in Holland and after the collapse of Napoleon (1769–1821) in 1813–1815, an expanded "United Kingdom of the Netherlands" was created with the House of Orange as monarchs, also ruling Belgium and Luxembourg. The King imposed unpopular Protestant reforms on Belgium, which revolted in 1830 and became independent in 1839. After an initially conservative period, following the introduction of the 1848 constitution, the country became a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. Modern-day Luxembourg became officially independent from the Netherlands in 1839, but a personal union remained until 1890. Since 1890, it is ruled by another branch of the House of Nassau.