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We're here to help answer any questions or assist in picking the perfect item. CONTACT US NOW.

SOLD - Dutch City Scene II

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In this second, but equally charming 19th-century landscape, Lodewijk Johannes Kleyn (1817–1897), captures another corner of the Dutch city of Amersfoort. As in his other painting of this city, his figures are anonymous, engaging in day-to-day activities. Kleyn has masterfully captured the Amersfoort architecture; he includes details such as the iron work accenting the top of the facades, the varying colour of the bricks, open and closed shutters of different colours, and the differing, ornamental roof lines of these beautiful buildings. Kleyn’s inclusion of the canal along the left side of the composition adds another distinctively Dutch element to this work that is not visible in his other view of the city. His thick, short brushstrokes are again balanced with precise lines and defined elements in the composition. Kleyn’s signature can be found on this piece, at the bottom right-hand corner just beneath the figures standing around a small cart. Encased in nearly identical, beautifully ornate, deep gold frames both paintings of this medieval city are sure to inspire daydreams of Dutch sunny days in times gone past.

At this time in the Netherlands, the First Hague Convention was held in the city in 1899. Alongside the Hague Convention of 1907, these two meetings established the laws and customs of war, defining the rules that belligerents must follow. The “Law of the Hague” primarily concerns “the use of means and methods of warfare”, alongside the conduct of military forces during hostilities and occupations. 26 nations, including Germany, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and Russia signed the Convention at the time of its conception.