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We're here to help answer any questions or assist in picking the perfect item. CONTACT US NOW.

Gilt Regency Mirror

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32" x 38"

This elegant English regency mirror is carefully crafted with gilded flowers and regal scroll-shaped accents. The crown shape on the top of the mirror features eloquently rendered acanthus leaves, which symbolize enduring life. The c-scrolls draw the eye downward, creating a sense of dynamism. Along the sides and bottom of the frame, skilled carvings of rosettes flow in gentle curves. To gild this mirror, thin layers of gold leaf would have been painstakingly applied to the frame. In the past, wealthy citizens would have invested in a large collection of gilded items. The Regency period, which lasted roughly from 1811 to 1820, was a period of refinement and cultural achievement in the United Kingdom, and one that allowed for the typical societal structures to undergo massive change. In Regency England, a gilt mirror was a decorative staple. Not only were mirrors objects of beauty and wealth, they enlarged small spaces by reflecting light and extending one’s field of vision. This exquisite mirror is in excellent condition, and will transport anyone who stands before it to a time of opulence.

At this time in London, the last River Thames Frost Fair was held in 1814. The Frost Fair began in the late 7th century, with most of the fairs being held during the Little Ice Age of the early 17th-early 19th centuries. The 1814 iteration lasted for four days. Tradesmen set up booths, a variety of food and drink were sold, and visitors could participate in activities like dancing and nine-pin bowling. As winters have become significantly more mild over time, it is unlikely that the Frost Fair will ever occur again.