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We're here to help answer any questions or assist in picking the perfect item. CONTACT US NOW.

Teak Room Divider

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70 x 50 x 11

The Biedermeier period occurred in Central Europe between 18151848, acting as a transitional period between Neoclassicism and Romanticism. During this time, the middle class grew substantially, creating a need for art that appealed to a wider range of tastes and sensibilities. The Biedermeier period saw the fields of literature, music, and visual arts flourish. Largely due to wide-reaching emphasis on the home in this period, the most notable aspects of the Biedermeier style became furniture and interior design. Furniture from the Biedermeier era features some notable characteristics, which can be seen exemplified in this teak room divider. Biedermeier furniture was often crafted in light woods, and avoided the use of metal ornamentation, preferring natural simplicity and clean lines over extreme ornamentation. Biedermeier furniture also placed value on symmetry, curves, and playful geometric shapes. This 19th-century room divider was made in China during the Biedermeier period for export to England. Constructed from teak doors, the divider features carved reliefs of bats and a rosewood inlay. The curves that adorn the panels and the emphasis on natural wood grain as a decorative feature, demonstrate key Biedermeier concepts exquisitely. The teak room divider would fit effortlessly with many different decor styles, due to its classic simplicity.  

At this time in England, Charlotte Bronte’s (1816–1855) Jane Eyre was published on October 16, 1847, under the pen name “Currer Bell.” Bronte’s novel revolutionized fiction, as it was the first to focus on its protagonist’s psychological, spiritual, and moral development through the use of the first-person narrative structure. Considered to be ahead of its time due to the nature of Jane’s individuality, and the novel’s approach to topics such as class, religion, and feminism, Jane Eyre is considered to be one of the most famous romance novels ever written.