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We're here to help answer any questions or assist in picking the perfect item. CONTACT US NOW.

Ukrainian Folk Art Mirror

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This stunning 19th-century Ukrainian folk art mirror is in excellent condition. Painted in a rich red-brown colour, this mirror is decorated to resemble hardwood. This process is known as faux bois, which is the artistic imitation of wood using other creative mediums like paint or clay. The faux bois style began in the Renaissance and has remained marketable over the centuries. This mirror features sophisticated symmetrical pillars along the sides, topped by carefully rendered urns. The mirror is crowned with delicately rolling scrolls and an elegantly carved wheatsheaf. Traditionally, the Ukrainian flag, with a blue horizontal band over a golden yellow one, symbolizes the Ukrainian wheat fields that lie under bright blue skies. Wheat is one of the largest agricultural exports in the Ukraine, and thus it has been used as a symbol of the country’s culture. Usually, folk art is embedded in traditions deriving from culture and community. It expresses cultural identity by disseminating shared aesthetics and communal values. In the case of this mirror, the symbolic value attributed to wheat elegantly denotes Ukraine and its people.

At this time in Ukraine, Kharkiv National University was founded in November 1804 in Kharkiv, on the initiative of educator V.N Karazin (17731842), with the support of the nobility and local authorities. The school is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe, and the first modern-day university in Ukraine. Today, it is ranked as the best university in Ukraine, and holds the second place spot of the school with the largest volume of publications and citations in scientific databases produced.